Consumer Decision Making Process Blue Liberty Water

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Consumer Decision Making Process-Blue Liberty Water can be affected by many things that influence consumers. These range from the culture we have here in New Hampshire, to the culture they grew up in. It can also be affected by attitudes of the consumer, how they are feeling that day, what they are planning to do for the day. Personal perception can influence the consumer as well as learning about the product or lack of through our advertising. In order for us to influence the consumer to buy Blue Liberty Water we will take all of these factors into consideration and make a strong impact. Factors Affecting B2C and B2B consumer behavior- B2C’s can often have their buying behavior influenced by many factors in their lives. These can range from the time of day, product they are looking for, the season, the weather, time they have to shop, even money, peers and the country they live in. These same things can be motivational in their decision to purchase our water. The B2B’s are larger volume buyers, this will be influenced not by the B2Cs as much but more by the “buyer or buying committee” of each business. In order for Blue Liberty Water to be dispersed and desired in these businesses we will have a few different steps we need to take. There will be many channels to go through to get our products approved. For example if we used the Grocery store these are: Influencers: Consumer purchasing product in store-can make requests for new product to be carried Gatekeepers: Grocery

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