Consumerism In Oh Wonder

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American philosopher Rebecca Goldstein once said, “"Our society is falling back increasingly on rampant consumerism and self-promoting social media as a way for people to feel that their lives matter - self-centered means of numbing the questions of mattering.” In a world caught up in mass media and consumerism, there is an underlying argument that there is a lack of positive social interaction. With the ability to say anything without having a face-to-face conversation, hate is easier than ever to spread and people can avoid each other yet still “interact”. According to Dolan, “Rock, in particular, has always had an uneasy relationship with mass culture, since it faces the problem of espousing the aesthetics of rebellion and countercultural ideals while at the same time depending on the mechanisms of mass culture for dissemination and distribution.” In the case of the band Oh Wonder, they attempt to use their fame to spread ideas of love and compassion.
Oh Wonder is the singer/songwriter duo of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht hailing from London England. Starting off in a separate band and a solo artist respectively, West and Vander Gucht started with the idea to produce a song once a month on Soundcloud and YouTube. Coming from a city with a high Soundcloud following, especially “since the early 1990s, many of the most internationally influential genres of electronic dance music have originated in London” (Allington), they immediately found success. To the surprise

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