, Contagion, And Steven Soderbergh's Year Of Wonders

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Throughout history, Disease has caused chaos by people responding very differently.
Geraldine Brook’s novel, Year of Wonders is based on a true story which recounts a 17th Century Plague, which struck the English village of Eyam and put many in strife. The story revolves around the protagonist, Anna Frith as she develops strength throughout the novel from being a maid in the beginning of the novel and eventually becomes a midwife. Similarly, Steven Soderbergh’s Film, Contagion is set in 21st Century America, which narrates the epidemic of the MEV1 virus, which causes dispute amongst many characters and has a manipulative effect on the characters in the film. In both the text and the novel, Diseases not only attack individuals but also causes the breakdown in society. Diseases cause the greed and the want for money in some characters, which has a huge impact on society as a whole. Similarly, diseases cause the need for self-preservation in order to survive. On the other hand, diseases cause characters to lose faith.
Diseases cause greed and want for money in some characters, which has a huge impact on society. For example, in Year of Wonders, as the plague escalates around the village; Josiah Bont’s greed and want for money causes him to charge extortionate prices for the burial of dead bodies. His greed even once forces him to bury someone alive; as can be seen by Christopher Unwin, “not only tried to rob me of my life – he stole the very clothes I lay in”. Similarly, in

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