Contagion Bird Flu

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It starts with a little tiny ball of fluff so adorable and unaware of its surroundings who is at a breeding facility. Unexpectedly this chicken gets a chicken virus from the horrible conditions of the breeding houses but she survives then she gives it to all the other chickens at the facility. This is bad as all of them are being shipped out to farms all over arkansas. Our now fully grown chicken ends up in clarksville arkansas where she then give the disease to the other chickens at the farm. They then mutate the disease so it spreads to humans working on the farms the new mutation has a very high contagion rate and a very fast infection rate. The people who got infected then spread it to their families their kids go to school and give it…show more content…
With a disease like this to model the spread you would use an r-naught value. For this disease it would be in the range of 3-4 meaning for every person sick they give it to 3 or 4 people. With this value the number of infections would be about 4 billion cases in the matter of two weeks with an r-naught value of four.
But how are these people getting sick well this disease is a mutation of the influenza A virus H7N1 an existing low contagion bird flu. But when happened to mutate it made it spread like wildfire. How it spreads so fast because it replicates in the epithelial cells in the lungs where your body tries to get rid of them by coughing to clear the lungs. So When you cough, sneeze, or talk you're spreading this virus. How do you get
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With this being a mutation of the influenza virus it has an envelope this makes it easier for the virus to infect the cell. It does attaches its envelope to the cell to makes the cell think that is part of it so it lets the virus in. The virus is then disassembled the RNA (ribonucleic acid) becomes available for transcription. The host cell then takes the RNA and uses it for transcription making it TRNA (Transcription ribonucleic acid). Which the nucleus then uses to manufacture the virus proteins and viral RNA and other proteins for binding the outer layer of the cell to the virus. This then lets the virus have an envelope the cell manufacters so many viruses that essentially the cell explodes shooting the virus into nearby cells to restart the process. this would cause a virulence issue as the virulence would be around 65% cell death if infected as some cells would explode, others would slowly seep the virus out of
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