Contamination Caused by Pesticides in Our Environment

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The environmental contamination is a most important universal problem in present scenario. Diverse use of pesticides in agricultural usage causes to numerous environmental problems. These pesticide residues in drinking water lead to increasing concern in health prospect. Vast usage of some pesticides contributes to contamination of water bodies mostly, surface and ground water sources. Misuse, accidental spillage, and improper disposal have resulted in extensive groundwater pollution (Edgehill et al., 1982). Chlorophenols such as penta-chlorophenol (PCP) and tetrachloropenol (TeCP) and their salts, are broad spectrum biocides that have been used in agriculture, industry and public health since the 1920s, and are designated as priority pollutants in the list of hazardous wastes [Zheng, et al., 2004]. Several toxic chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries are discharging poisonous effluents without appropriate treatment. These hazardous wastes are potential threat to human and animal life. Trace amounts of organochlorine pesticides present in water and wastewater are the almost difficult to separate from water. Therefore there is a demand for the efficient removal of organic effluents from aqueous phase. Chemical used to kill pests mostly those of organochlorine pesticides were critically prohibited in several countries due to their toxicity and stability in the environment, PCP comes under this group. PCP is found in two forms as a sodium salt of PCP (C6HCl5O)
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