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Contemporary Artist:Walton Ford Research Paper Walton Ford is an American contemporary artist who aspires Audubon and other Naturalists in the style of the paintings. Walton Ford creates paintings that are considered a new and modern style. The paintings created represent more than an animal in a habitat. Ford creates paintings that makes the viewer wonder if the painting is cheerful and natural, or grotesque and disturbing. By putting a twist on a traditional style, Ford intrigues the viewers and creates a revolutionary change in how people view modern and traditional art. Walton Ford creates paintings that are based on the style of the naturalist style of John James Audubon. Audubon was a naturalist who studied the biodiversity and anatomy of animals in their habitat or by examining a dead specimen. Ford uses the style of Audubon, however, unlike Audubon, Ford does not make the subject of the painting life-size and proportional to the real life animals.(Ford, Artnet) Ford does this to make the art seem more conceptual, rather than logical and realistic. (Ford, Art21) The art has an effect on the viewers through the depictions of the subject. The initial reaction to his art is meant to be in awe of it and the beauty of the animals. However, as the art is more analyzed and viewed at different perspectives, it is viewed as repulsive and grotesque. Ford aims for the art to convey a darker sense of humor. According to Ford, “"I think there 's almost no subject that you

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