Contemporary Literature for Trees Can Speak and Miracle on St. Davids

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Choose a pair of 'themed' texts (one short story, one poem) from your booklet and complete the following sections:

Write a short summary of the texts (1.1)
Trees Can Speak - This is the story of two men who go on an adventure together into the Australian outback. One of the men (Joe) has elective mutism and therefore unable to speak and the other suffered from infant paralysis and doesn't have much use of his legs. They communicate non-verbally with the use of body language and the way Joe nods and shakes his head. They both find a peace in the outback with nature and they seem to have a connection with each other as they are both not considered 'normal' in society.
Miracle On St David's - This poem is about the author reading poetry …show more content…

I want to see the reef where you get the gold.' I expected him to demur. It would be the natural reaction. I expected him to shake his head in an expressive communication of the danger involved. But he did not hesitate. He reached out across the shaft and drew the bucket to the edge." Joe does not see him as a disabled man; he is seeing him as a man who needs some help getting down his mine. The author is asking questions through his characters, like why should he not be allowed to go down just because he has a disability and who puts these limits on people who don't conform to society's ideals?
Miracle On St David's - In this poem one of the critical themes is mental health and the ability to see past the prejudices and stigma of mental health issues. It is also to see people for the person they are and not the way they are perceived. Although the people in this poem have been institutionalised, that is not to say that they are not human beings and can still feel emotions. "The nurses are frozen, alert, the patients seem to listen. He is hoarse but word-perfect. Outside the daffodils are still as wax, a thousand, ten thousand, their syllables unspoken, their creams and yellow still." After years of silence, this man recites 'The Daffodils' without missing a word. He has been stirred by the poetry and moved to recite a poem that is very close to him. The author wants the reader to see that this is still a person and not just an empty vessel of a human being.


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