Essay on the Works of George Mackay Brown

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Controlled Assessment Task Unit 3 part a: Understanding Written Text Explore the ways the writer presents relationships between characters in the text you have studied. ESSAY PLAN intro – what I will be writing about, state author and title of 7 stories, expand on author and brief about his characters and island life section on relationships character, family, husband and wife, immediate family (son/daughter), friends, community, outsiders, animals eg, horse items eg, spade write about language similes, metaphors, factual, poetic, powerful short sentences, humour, narrative, dialogues *** use lots of…show more content…
Unfortunately further along in the story Howie has to go to war and meets his demise. As the postman delivers the terrible news to Howie's family via a telegram, all the villages see the postman on his journey. Nothing is ever really spoken but the community is united in their grief – 'Through the window she (Betsey) could see people moving towards the croft from all over the valley. 'he news had got round, The mourners were gathering.' A further example of community spirit and relationships is highlighted in The Paraffin Lamp. Old Thomas is away in hospital and the villagers rally together and arrange to have electricity installed in his home whilst he is on the mainland. They are looking after their own and helping each other in any way they can, small or large. They want to make life that little bit easier for Thomas when he returns home. He has no living relatives; his family is the community and they take it upon themselves to look after him, whether he wishes it or not. Friendship is also a very important relationship for the Islanders. Friendships tend to be lifelong as Islanders of this time are more likely to stay where they were born and have general mistrust for outsiders and 'town folk'. I have had personal experience of this when I first went to my husband-to-be village. I had only been there one night and the
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