Essay about Contemporary Religion in America

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Religion is a very difficult topic to approach. To discuss religion, is to walk through a mine field. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs. In contemporary America, it is popular now turn from established religions or to have no religion at all. It is not difficult to believe how science and technology played a major role in contemporary religion in America by making our society secular. As our ability to attain knowledge through technology broadens, it allows people to analyze their own religion and interpret it in their own way.

Religion has stricken much debate over its origins. Some finds propose that some sort of religion was present since the beginning of mankind. Evidence of sacrificial ceremonies can relate the
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All religions address a similar form of life after death, eternal heaven, hell or rebirth. Religion also teaches, shows the learner rather, the path to take so that his or her after life is joyful. This is what people are looking for, a sense of direction for their life. However, in the United States, the power of technology and science has made our society not to be regarded as religious or spiritual. Our society’s religious beliefs can be looked at as very odd. With the separation of church and state in America, the country actually questions itself whether it to be religious or not. All the while, other theocratic countries regimes believe that America is a godless country. I do not support what other countries think of America’s religious stand points. Yes, America was raised on Christian principles, but with the freedom of religion, individuals or communities, can manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance. Many countries don’t have this particular freedom. Therefore, America is a country that is allowed to practice many faiths and does not have one set faith for the entire country. The contemporary purpose of religion is and will always be altering as we progress on with the world we know. Although one of the earliest purposes of religion was to explain the mysteries of nature, every other person has a different expectation from their religious faith. Religion gives people a guideline on how to live your life as one should

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