Contents of the Dead Mans Pockets

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Contents of the Dead Man’s Pockets
He was standing on the ledge and was frozen, not knowing what to do. He was thinking, thinking about falling. He stood there frightened. His mind was in a whirl, thinking about what he would lose if he fell; his wife, the family that he could have, his life, his friends, his wonderful job, he would lose all of it. Then he thought about falling. Would it be so bad? His adrenaline went up as he thought about this. Tom’s mind went off again thinking about leaving this world, the life he would leave. His mind pushed everything he loved away and just thought about falling, falling, falling. The wind in his face, the weird feeling in his stomach that he loved, and the anticipation of hitting the ground. He …show more content…

Carl went after the pocket knife and stabbed Tom 37 times in the chest. On the 37th stab, Carl kept the knife in Tom’s chest. Carl ran away from the scene of the crime and wasn’t looking where he was going and he fell off the roof.
Clare was back from the movie showing. She was getting out of her car and heard screaming. She looked up and saw Carl five feet above her falling. Bam! Carl hit her head and they both died.
The police showed up and saw the accident. They searched the apartment building and saw Tom dead on the roof. After a couple days, they told the press that Carl killed Tom and fell off the roof and accidentally killed Clare, who happened to be Tom’s wife.
Tom’s work did get shown to his boss who used his idea from the paper. The ideas Tom had made a profit of $4,000 a year. Tom got an honorary picture on the wall of him; giving him the best worker and risk-taker awards of the grocery

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