Chapter 1 - Time Line

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Part 1 – Time Line 1. Rose Mary is spotted picking through the garbage can, Jeannette spots her and ducks from the taxi cab so her mom doesn’t recognize her. 2. Jeannette was 3 years old when she was hungry she learned how to make herself something to eat since her dad was always out and her mom was busy painting, she tried to make hot dogs but ended up with a burn. 3. Jeannette falls out the side door of the car and tumbles down a hill, she was bleeding from her nose and bruised up her knees.This was when they were returning from a casino. 4. Jeannette asks her dad for a favor on her 10th birthday, not for food, or clothes a new toy, but for him to stop drinking since she had realized that is what consumed the family’s wealth. 5. Rex’s mom the angry old lady with a bad attitude was getting angry with the kids when Brian suggested that she touched him the wrong way, she went as far as permanently banning them from her house. 6. Rose and Rex decided to buy an old looking shack up on the hill. 7. Rex takes the check Jeannette has been waiting for all summer and tries to trick her into believing it disappeared all along but she knew he had it. 8. Rex tries to take advantage of his daughter once again by making her believe he had a business associate wanting to meet her, but only to figure out he scamed him of 80$. 9. Jeannette had enough when Rex had hit her with his belt, from then she swore to never be beaten by anyone and also swore to leave the household. 10. Lori spills
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