Continental Airlines Takes Off with Real-Time Business Intelligence

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Continental Airlines Takes Off with Real-time Business Intelligence Introduction: Continental Airlines was once successfully revolution by using Business Intelligence and save it from bankrupt. Below are some items discuss how Continental Airlines implement strategies related with Business Intelligence. 1. In what ways does real-time data warehousing fit with the Continental strategy and plans? Go Forward Plan was the earliest plan that start in Continental revolution, and real-time data warehousing helps it to realize the plan which include four parts as below: a. Fly to win: Use real time data warehousing to integrated multiple data sources, including flight schedule data, customer data and inventory data to support pricing…show more content…
* Corporate Security: Continental was able to identify and prevent over $30 million in fraud over the last three years. This includes more than $7 million in cash collected. * IT: The Teradata Warehouse technology has significantly improved data center management, leading to cost savings of $20 million in capital and $15 million in recurring data center costs. * Revenue Management: a. Tracking and forecasting demand has resulted in $5 million incremental revenue. b. Fare design and analysis improves the ability to gauge the impact of fare sales, and these activities have been estimated to earn $10 million annually. c. Full reservation analysis has realized $20 million in savings through alliances, overbooking systems, and demand-based scheduling. 3. What did the data warehousing group do right that has led to the successful deployment of (real-time) data warehousing and BI within Continental? a. The data warehousing group is well function in four groups which are revenue management, marketing, crew operations and supporting Hyperion Intelligence and miscellaneous tasks. b. All of the support people originally worked in the user areas so they are experts on the data for those areas. They do not program the applications directly but support in their expert area. 4. What elements of the data-warehousing environment at Continental are necessary to support the extensive end-user BI application

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