Contrast and Impact of War in North and South Korea

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It’s hard to image countries struggling to find peace but sometimes this peace is much more than just agreeing. North and South Korea have had a feud for decades more than expected. Now the demilitarized zone, watchtowers, razor wire, land mines divides North and South Korea, tank traps, and extremely heavy weaponry secure the DMZ. North Korea is faced with a tough challenge as being ranked 178th rated country in the world, where as the south is ranked 31st and is more self- sufficient. With the cold war in the hand of the country’s leader the civilian’s lives is dependent on the next move. As peace begins to settle a treaty has still not been signed since the North and South cannot agree on the control of power.

The start of the Korean War began on June 25,1950 (history) The Americans fought in the Korean War on behalf of South Koreans. Some assumed it as the “War against the forces of international communism” (history). At the beginning of this war seemed that the north and South Koreans crossed over the 38th parallel repeatedly. As casualties became more common and the Americans had been spotted fighting for the South many feared that China, and Europe would help the North and World War 3 would arise leaving no hope for the Koreas to ever find peace. The Cold war started around 1945 when the USSR took over North Korean and the United States took over the South. These two were allies in World War 2. After World War 2 it was told that these two where to be firm and

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