Contribution of Digital Projections for Approaching Mise En Scene in Contemporary Theatre Performance

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Contribution of Digital projections for approaching mise en scene in contemporary theatre performance.
By Shyam Kottegoda

In this research paper I’m going to describe about theater production technology which it is using digital production and how it is saturate to the mise en scene.

Cinematic theater is term of using digital projection in contemporary theatre. That can be briefly described as a fusion of live performance and the magic of the big screen. By utilizing the best dramatic devices that each art form has to covey a story and entertain an audience; the possibilities to create interesting narratives and stage dynamics through the synergy of stage and cinematic design is exciting.

Cinematic theatre is a
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Stage design allowing the utilization of projected images on surfaces can create a dynamic canvas on which to apply vision. The applications are only limited by your imagination and ability to position the projector. Some examples include: a window space to see outside, a mirror to show symbolic representations of character, floor space to create a pool of water, smoke, curtains etc.

Lighting design:
It is important when incorporating video into live performance that you consider the effect of lights on the screen surface. One difficulty in setting lights is that they can significantly degrade the brightness and colour of the screen images if there is light either directly hitting or bouncing from the floor onto the screen.
One solution is to set the screen up from the floor and placing some blocks/staging in front to block some of the bouncing light. When considering colour gels it is imperative to consider colours used in the screen images and try to match them as well as possible to give a blended effect.

Mise-en-scène is a French term and originates in the theater. It means, literally, "put in the scene." For film, it has a broader meaning, and refers to almost everything that goes into the composition of the shot, including the composition itself: framing, movement of the camera and characters, lighting, set design and gen earl visual environment, even sound as it helps
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