Controversial Topics of Racism, Sexism, and Transvestitism in the Book, True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey

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True History of the Kelly Gang Like many novels set in the time period of the 1800’s, True History of the Kelly Gang brings attention to many controversial topics. Racism, sexism, and transvestitism are all topics that appear on occasion throughout the novel. Slurs are used numerous times, and a man who wears a dress is committing a terrible offense. Also mentioned are some interesting points on gang activity and violence. Unsurprisingly, some of these topics and actions have made their way into America and still appear in present day. After reading True History of the Kelly Gang—or even just after hearing the title— hero is not likely to be the first word that comes to mind. Ned Kelly is not an average comic book hero, and one would certainly not find stories about him among those of Batman or Superman. However, in his own light, he portrays some uniquely heroic qualities. Bravery, loyalty, and gallantry are all characteristics that could be used to describe Ned. “At that time he would see his child again. At that time he would release his mother. At that time these people would occupy their own land without fear or favour, but now the world was a filthy mire and mess.” (After Parcel 13, Page 348). His wants are simple: his wife, daughter, mother, and a quiet life free from the ‘traps’ (Australian slang for police) constantly knocking at his door. Unfortunately, not all good people end up in good situations. Being a poor boy in a poverty-stricken area makes Ned’s life

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