Controversy About Grades

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Lies Grades. School. Grades! It seemed as if my parents ramble on forever about grades. “Get good grades!” “If your grades aren’t up, then you can say goodbye to your phone!” Of course, they were right that I need to get good grades, but good grades always stayed out of my grasp. Every time I had a big test, I would study for hours and end up with a C-, angry parents, and no video games for a week. Eventually, I grew tired of getting grounded, so I decided to lie about my grades. The decision to lie about my grades came when I received my first D- on a test. My teacher, Mrs. Spring, had given us a science test and a math test in the same day, and I only had time to study for the science test. After I dragged myself home, I showed my parents …show more content…

She decides to wait until we got home to interrogate me. As soon as I strode in the door, she called me into my dad’s office, unofficially known as the interrogation room, which is where my parents take us to talk about problems in school. I still recall the ensuing conversation to this day. “So, GianLuca, care to explain to me what Mrs. Spring said about the science fair topic?”
“Well, um… she is going to change the topic to… plants! Yes, now we have to do a science fair about plants, and I already had my science fair planned out for …show more content…

That's great for you! Where is it, I want to look at how hard this test was. “We haven’t gotten it back yet, but Mrs. Spring told me I was the only one to get a 100% on the test!" “Well, this is cause for celebration! Your mother suggested we get ice cream at Cold Stone, and I completely agree!” Forever true to his word, my dad takes us all out for ice cream. I guiltily pick chocolate with gummy bears, and eat my ice cream in quietness. On the drive home, I sit in complete silence, while my family talks and laughs. When they ask me why I am so quiet, I say “I'm just tired, I stayed up all night studying for that test.” We arrive home, and I tell them that I am going to go to my room so I can get some rest. As I am heading up the stairs to my room, my parents call “GianLuca! Get back down here. There’s a call from your teacher on the answering machine about your grade!” Oh no! I had completely forgot that my teacher calls the parents when the student gets a D or lower on one of her tests. I trudge down the stairs, and head over to my parents. “Why did we just get a call from your teacher about another D that you got on a test?” I knew that I couldn’t lie anymore. I mumble, “Because I did bad on that

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