Sports Release Research Paper

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Have you ever fully read a release form, or waiver, or other equally long winded legal document? I’ve made a habit of trying to read each and every document, where I have to “check the box to agree to terms,” or sign to show my understanding, because I like to know exactly what I am agreeing to, as well as what they are expecting me to do with a product or activity. The document that sticks with me most clearly is the sports release form, that every student who participated in P.E., or sports had to complete and turn in. The waiver had the normal legalese, that were made with the intention of protecting the school from undue lawsuits, but the part that sticks with me the most is the descriptions of the possible injuries that might be sustained, …show more content…

It was the epitome of a catastrophic injury. After arriving at the hospital my ankle was reset and I was discharged later that day with corrective surgery a few days later. The surgery went off without a hitch, but I wouldn’t be able to run, jump, or even walk on my own for the next three months. Despite this colossal setback, I crutched back to school the following week. On my third or so day back, I was called down to the principal's office, because I had missed several days of school in a row (I wonder why?). Regardless, after I showed up hobbling into his office, the reason for my absences became clear. Then he wanted to go over my grades, to make sure that I wouldn’t fall too far behind. When he pulled them up, he was surprised to see that I was still getting top marks, and did not have a single missing assignment. This was not by error, because, even in my drug induced half conscious state, I had diligently e-mailed my teachers and completed all of the school work that I had missed, never missing a step

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