Controversy Concerning Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Its Effects

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There is much controversy concerning Carbon Dioxide emissions in recent years and the effect these emissions have on the environment. As people continue to be more interested in profits than in environmental matters conditions are likely to worsen in the near future. It is actually surprising to observe how in spite of data pointing toward the belief that CO2 emissions have a particularly negative on the environment people fail to express enough concern about this general situations. More and more environmental agencies and strategies have emerged during recent years but they have had a limited effect on CO2 emissions and this is largely owed to the fact that the general public is still reluctant to get actively involved in fighting on behalf of the environment. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association has emphasized that conditions regarding CO2 emissions are critical as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are increasing on a constant basis. "The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of Barrow, Alaska, reached 400 parts per million (ppm) this spring, according to NOAA measurements, the first time a monthly average measurement for the greenhouse gas attained the 400 ppm mark in a remote location." (NOAA: Carbon dioxide levels reach milestone at Arctic sites) A series of human activities and the burning of fossil fuels in particular are largely responsible for the fact that even remote locations are starting to report alarming CO2 levels. CO2

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