The Effects Of Carbon Emission On Climate Change

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Introduction The world continuously faces a variety of threats every day, from natural disasters to terrorist, but one threat that society predominately contributes to all on their own, is climate change. There are many feasible explanations for the global threat of climate change. These explanations include but are not limited to, the act of deforestation to the rainforest and other trees, green house gas emissions, and sulfate aerosol, which cause poor air quality. It is reported that nearly three quarters of green house gases are a result of humans burning fossil fuels from nonrenewable energy, cars, and electricity (LaMeaux, 2014). The effects of carbon emission on climate change are having devastating and many irreversible…show more content…
However, there is one company in particular that is going the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint until they no longer produce one. Apple Incorporated has taken the responsibility to measure, track, and record their carbon emission from designing, assembling, and shipping their millions of products and are continuously trying to find new innovated ways to improve their everyday carbon footprint. Apple Company Goal Apple Incorporated understands that climate change is a huge global issue that the world faces and knows that change has to start somewhere, so they are taking rigorous steps to measure their environmental impact. For more than two decades, Apple has gone to great lengths to try and minimize their impact that they and their products have on the environment. Apple measures their carbon footprint using a comprehensive product life cycle analysis (Jackson, 2014). Apple computes this analysis report with the help of a digital media resource, the World Resource Institute (WRI)/World Business Council for Sustainable Developments (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which provides various calculation tools and a database for a wide range of professional companies just like Apple (Jackson, 2014). Apple would not successfully be able to acquire such a detailed calculations report of their carbon emissions without the assistance of the digital media database of the World Resource Institute (WRI)/World Business Council for Sustainable Developments
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