Controversy Over Hand Writing

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In a world of evolution, it is often found difficult to accept a new trade or skill that partially substitutes a skill so commonly used and accepted today. As generations pass, people discover new things that revival the beliefs of the past and handwriting is not exempt from this course of evolution. People have hit that critical point of rivalry between handwriting and its challenger typing. Handwriting is a skill known by people for centuries and even prior to handwriting people painted or carved to record information. In today’s world, typing keeps becoming more of a key player and triumphs over hand writing in many aspects. It is imperative to understand the importance of typing, as much of what college students and employees do…show more content…
This argument plays the biggest role in academic settings, specifically colleges, in terms of note taking for classes. In an article on Wisconsin Public Radio Ideas Network (NPR) it was stated that “The students who were taking longhand notes in our studies were forced to be more selective — because you can't write as fast as you can type. And that extra processing of the material that they were doing benefited them.” Typing often makes it so students want to take verbatim notes off a slide instead of thinking about the information and rewording the content before typing it down. This lack of processing causes students to be less likely to remember the information; however, it can be difficult for students to truncate information to what they believe is necessary on a professor’s slide show since the student only studies off the information they recorded but the professor creates the exam questions based on the large slides. Typed notes are different than handwritten notes in the aspect that by handwriting notes a student is teaching their brain the material; whereas, a student who types notes must print them, highlight them, and study off them in order to get the same amount of knowledge from the recorded information. Though more work is…show more content…
Typing allows people to type at speeds unrivaled by handwriting. This speed can save people a lot of time especially when it comes to larger manuscripts, such as papers, reports, or essays. This new-found speed allowed an influx of books, stories, and narratives by allowing the writer to not only record as fast as the speed of thought, but to also focus more on the content of the work rather than the legibility. Handwriting has better recall however typing is merely a different form of recording and as such must be treated differently when studying. Overall typing is merely another form of recording that breaks the speed constraints of the past, but as technology advances typing is merely a stepping stone on a much, much larger
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