Controversy Over Modern Vs. Alternative Medicine

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Controversy Over Modern vs. Alternative Medicine.

All around the world, doctors have been debating whether or not modern medicine is a better treatment

than alternative medicine. Throughout the years this controversy has changed the way some people live and helped

them decide how to raise their children. Modern medicine relies on modern technologies, scientific values as well as

scientifically proved procedures for purposes of preventing, diagnosing, and treating adverse medical conditions.

Today, many people are now opting toward Alternative which is also called Complementary Alternative Medicine

(CAM) .For example since the 1980s “Patients ' use of CAM therapies has grown ... in the United States CAM in- creasingly is …show more content…

Many who prefer alternative

medicine are influenced by religious reasons. The majority of people 's daily lives and choices are influenced by reli- gion and cultural beliefs. The providers of alternative and modern medicine take a stand to say they "did not differ in

spirituality, but a higher percentage of acupuncturists strongly agreed with the statement that they tried to carry their

religious beliefs into the rest of their lives"(Curlin). The interconnection in religion and the belief of the medicine

provider sets the understanding that alternative medicine is often based on traditional knowledge, which is why there

is sometimes not always enough scientific evidence available about their safety and usefulness. Overtime, people

tend to become attracted to alternative medicine “because there 's a perceived health benefit start to embrace the reli- gious ideas underneath these practices" (Moon). Due to their beliefs, they become more attached to their religious

beliefs and internally attached to their cultural norms. The modern medicine is more towards curing the patient with

the shortest time frame possible.

“The assumption that there 's a sort of spiritual energy at work” (Moon), is explained in Healer Beware: Are

We Ignoring the Non-Christian Roots of Alternative Medicine? by Ruth Moon. Alternative medicine is also intertwi- ned spirituality and reaching in to help the patient improve and heal from the inside.

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