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A cool car, good rock music, and terrific actors...what more do you need for the backbone of a good movie? The complex script of a teenager going back in time and meeting his parents when they were teenagers is simple enough for an elementary child to follow as proven by my two young boys who watched it over and over. They even had matching "Back to the Future" outfits, rode the ride at Universal Studios Florida and saw the train from "Back to the Future Part III". The cool car, a DeLorean, is as much a character in the script as Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Emmet Brown (Christopher Lloyd). The DeLorean was the "car of the future" in 1985, with its stainless steel body and gull-wing doors (doors that are hinged at the roof rather than …show more content…

This extra power, along with the plutonium in the back, is enough to give the car what it needs to become a time machine. Marty finds himself in 1955, where the Doc is still alive (he must warn him about the future bad guys!), his parents are teenagers, poodle skirts and soda fountains are in and Chuck Berry is rockin'. Huey Lewis and the News played on the soundtrack while Lewis had a cameo part of the judge in the Hill Valley High School Band auditions. Marty must figure out how to get his parents back together, (his mother has fell in love with him), and figure out how to get "Back to the Future." "Back to the Future" was the most successful film of the year, grossing more than $380 million worldwide according to, and receiving critical acclaim. It marked the beginning of a trilogy with Back to the Future Part II (1989) and Back to the Future Part III (1990). "Back to the Future" also spawned an animated series and theme park rides at Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood. You may purchase "Back to the Future" from any of the retailers listed below: Amazon Barnes and Noble NBC Universal Store CD Universe Hot Movie Sales Sources: *Box Office Mojo, Back to the Future Lifetime Grosses, Box Office

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