Cooperative Learning: The Positive Effects Of Cooperative Learning

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In fact, many students aren’t motivated to succeed in the field of science.
“Anyone teaching science has encountered students who ask such questions as, "Why do we have to learn this?" and, "What is the point of doing this experiment?". Unfortunately as children grow, their passion for learning seems to diminish and also becomes associated with drudgery’’ (Quinn, 2006, page 8)
Cooperative learning helps students who face with the lack of motivation to maintain high expectations for success, even when they face with repeated failures.
In addition to the effects mentioned above, one more thing that students can be impressed by cooperative learning is developing their self-confidence. When a student experiences group success acquired by his or her cooperation, or when he/she answers questions made by other members, he/she feels as a qualified member of the group and this causes development of self-confidence. In the following paragraphs it’s expressed how cooperative learning can be effective in educational systems. …show more content…

For teachers, it is essential to set a structure in groups in order to allow students to bring their abilities to the group effort. This type of learning helps to link findings of a special topic together, helping students to discover that working in groups brings about higher effectiveness especially for practical plans.
“Cooperation requires some degrees of equality between learners, particularly a rough equality of skills. For instance, for cooperating activities, it is best to put exceptional learners in one group rather than to spread them across groups’’ (Nation, 1989, page

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