Coors Beer Essay

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Coors Case: The Coors vision statement claims that the company must, “…become even more effective by aligning and uniting the human, financial, and physical aspects of our company.” To focus on these aspects even further, top management broke these aspects down into four main fundamental activities that Coors must constantly engage to achieve success. The four fundamentals of the Coors Vision statement are: 1. Improving quality 2. Improving service 3. Boosting profitability 4. Developing employee skills The seven planks cover each of these fundamental visions for success. The four fundamentals are broad-scoped goals, with no specific details on how or what will help the company maintain these fundamentals. These…show more content…
2. What if a measure does not drive the correct behavior after implementation? What process will be used to evolve the scorecard? How will my input be heard? a. The BSC is a long-term vision implementation, directly linked to clearly defined, aligned business processes and activity measures. If something does not seem correct initially, the change may take some time to adapt, but the nature of the BSC is to be directly correlated with the vision and strategies of individual departments and as a company. Any adjustments necessary will be easily made because those involved with the BSC will be receiving consistent, relevant information that will meet their needs for continued success. 3. Won’t the measures reduce our ability to be flexible with our distributors and make last minute changes for them? a. No, because as part of Coors’ vision statement, Coors will continue to improve customer service by freshness, less damage, on-time arrivals, and accurate order fill, all at a lower cost. The customers (the distributors) will experience service increases once the BSC is implemented…..???? 4. Why is the window on the Load Schedule Performance measure so tight? What difference does it make if we get a load out within plus/minus two hours? If we get it out the day it is
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