Copernicus And Galileo: The Geocentric View Of The World

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Humans have always wondered what the universe looks like. Creating theories and refuting against themselves, by the 16th century, the geocentric view of the universe was the most accepted assumption of what the universe looks like. Copernicus and Galileo were two who challenged the theory and convinced the world that the geocentric view is, in fact, wrong. In other words, they decided to fight against the societal oppression of a widely accepted concept to create a controversy that changed the way everyone looked at the universe. By this, that individuals change their minds when given logical reasoning and scientific evidence can be implied, although unhurriedly, regardless of how popular and supported the knowledge is. The geocentric view of the universe, first introduced to the world in about 150 CE, was thought to be the undoubted correct model of what the universe looked like. The theory described the Earth as the center of the universe, with stars and planets orbiting around it. According to Carl Sagan, an American astronomer and cosmologist, “This [the geocentric view] is the most natural …show more content…

In his letter written in 1597 to Johannes Kepler, he states, “I accepted the view of Copernicus many years ago. And from this standpoint I have discovered many natural phenomena, which cannot be explained on the basis of the more commonly accepted hypothesis [that the Earth is the center of the Universe]”(9). In other words, Galileo also accepted the idea of the heliocentric view of the universe and that it is a better model of the universe that can explain phenomenon that could not necessarily be explained with the geocentric view. With his invention of a more powerful telescope, observation of a supernova, and discovery of the four moons of Jupiter, Galileo further supported and extended Copernicus’ theory of the heliocentric view of the

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