“Coral Reefs Represent Some Of The World’S Most Spectacular

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“Coral reefs represent some of the world’s most spectacular beauty spots, but they are also the foundation of marine life: without them many of the seas most exquisite species will not survive.” (Sheherazade Goldsmith) Imagine scuba diving in the glistening coasts of the Philippines, swimming swiftly near the vibrant coral reefs with splashes of red, orange, and green. Submerged by the beauty of the underwater world, fishes of all species come inspect their new visitor while you watch in awe at this fantasy world. However, all of a sudden you see a huge wave rushing towards you, you try to swim away from it but. Boom! You get hit by wave, a bit dazed you descend quickly to the top of the ocean. Then you notice a vast amount of dead …show more content…

There are many threats to the coral reefs, but one of the worst things that we do to damage of them are using dynamite and cyanide to catch our fishes. Dynamite fishing is particularly used near Tanzania, because fishermen find it easier to catch fish by killing them and the letting them float to the surface. Rather than them using a net, because it would either snag on the coral reef or miss all the fishes. The dynamite technique consists of throwing any type of dynamite or waterproof exploding object, into the water, waiting for it to reach the coral reef (home to the fishes). Paddling away from the explosive, then pushing the button which will explode the coral reef. Last, you collect the dead fish that float to the top of the water, because their air bladders cause them to become resilient. Some fishermen use dynamite fishing at night to catch even more fish, which may sound weird because they can’t see anything at night. However, what happens is the fishermen shine a bright light into the water, which attracts small and large fish. Then with a push of a button they explode the dynamite causing all of those animals to die, but in addition to the fish they also kill shrimp and crabs without knowing. A man from the World Wildlife Fund observed the explosions, and created a chart based on his findings. Then he concluded that around nineteen

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