Coraline Comparison

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The novel, Coraline, was published in 2002 by Neil Gaimen, in which he won several awards. The film, Coraline, is an adaptation of the novel that was released by Henry Selick in 2009. It was a cleverly, produced stop-motion picture animation adaptation of the novel, where audiences everywhere seem to enjoy the plot. Neil Gaimen and Henry created differences between interpretations. Neil Gaimen’s gothic novel, Coraline, won widespread commendation for the fairy tale of a teenage girl. Coraline is absolutely bored with her life, even her parents until she explored and found a door which leads to a mirrored world with the same neighbours, parents and house but even better. The moment she realizes that this world which she loves has more hidden …show more content…

In both book and movie, it is shown that she looked like Coraline’s mother, which is presumably is what she does to lure the children. The Beldam takes the form of the children’s mother to gain their trust and fool them into believing many lies. Her first physical form is when Coraline first met the other mother, she looks like the other mother but her physical attributes are better than the original but one thing that irritates Coraline is the button eye. Her second physical form is when Coraline makes the other mother angry during chapter 6 and she starts to change her form when Coraline refused her love, she stood up and transformed into a longer and scarier version of herself. Her fingers have grown much longer and her nails had become sharp pointed, she looked skinner than the first form. The third physical form is by the time Coraline had found all the Ghost Children’s eyes and the Beldam’s final form is revealed, her second form but much scarier, her skin is white with cracked skin, and cheekbones where she lost her beauty and mark. Her hands have become metal claws made from metal needles. She gained two extra legs and stand up with a hunch. This represent the like a spider or bug

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