Core Competencies And Scope And Standards Of Practice In Nursing Informatics

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Core Competencies and Scope and Standards of Practice in Nursing Informatics Introduction According to American Nurses Association, (2015), Nursing Information technology has contributed tremendously to the improvement of population health by optimizing information management and communication, (American Nurses Association, (2015). In the pursuit of improvement in the healthcare delivery system, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) developed specific technology competencies for nurses. However, the nurses will have to identify where they need training and improvements to perform their duties efficiently. According to Doris Fisher in this week two media,” nurses need a good foundation in, and good base of the information technology to be able to perform their duties.” (Laureate Education (Producer). (2012d)). The Key Functional Areas of Nursing Informatics “The informatics nurse serves as a project coordinator, facilitating change in management and integrating the information and technology to transform processes”. (American Nurses Association.” (ANA), 2015). The important functional areas of nursing informatics relevant to my position when worked as an assistant director of nurses and an educator were education, inputting new admitted patients’ information, physician orders into the computer system; education of staff, both current and new hires, patients and their families. Staff education of new staff coming on board to deliver care for these

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