Improving A Universal Nursing Language For Data Collection Essay

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In light of the recent merger of hospitals, there is an increased need to develop and implement current and emerging technology to better serve the populations that each hospital services. These new and present technologies must meet strict federally mandated requirements, as well as meet the needs of the satellite facility and the populations they serve. It is essential to have an appropriate team collected to review the adoption of new technology that can seamlessly align with the current technology available. While maintaining a universal nursing language for data collection, it is important to follow the guidelines established by recognized organizations such as The Joint Commission. The new system adopted must meet patient safety standards as well as protect their health information using the recommended federal guidelines. To provide the evidence best practices of safe, effective, efficient care, a team of individuals will evaluate the current and emerging technology offered to the hospitals and define a plan of action to implement the new technology in a well-organized and expedited fashion that will allow nurses, physicians, and staff input to create the best patient care environment.
Team Members When implementing new technology, a team must first be assembled to create a development plan to ensure that what is implemented meets the needs and requirements to properly run within a hospital system. The nurse informatics project leader, the chief financial

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