Core Standard 2

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This social action project is evidence of mastery of Core Standard 2. Core Standard 2 describes an administrator’s ability to recognize cultural and social factors that affect pupil performance. The case study is based upon the recognition that music text books tend to be biased towards the Caucasian culture. This bias may make students of differing cultures feel uncomfortable when engaging in the curriculum. When a student does not feel comfortable, then they will not perform to the best of their ability. The identification of this bias shows proof of the ability to recognize the cultural factors that affect pupil performance. The standard also requires an administrator to appropriately create instructional techniques and strategies to meet …show more content…

Without mastery of Core Standard 2, the standard curriculum that has been effective in the past will not adapt to the needs of the new stakeholders. The first aspect of the standard is the ability to recognize the cultural and social factors that are related to pupil performance. Mastery of Core Standard 3 allows for the identification of specific conditions that are specific by school. Not every school is similar. Different schools are composed of diverse cultures and social scenarios. These cultures require a unique look into their culture and curriculum must be matched to fit the needs of these stakeholders. The next crucial aspect of Core Standard 2 is the ability to apply instructional techniques and strategies to meet the special needs of children of differing cultures. Content and instructional techniques must be created so that they are relevant to the students of differing cultures. This content allows the students to feel a connection that is applicable to them. Special attention must also be brought to evaluating tools. At times, an evaluating tool may be biased towards a specific culture. This creates a struggle within differing cultures to understand content that is not familiar to them. Content mastery is not being tested, rather cultural facts are being

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