Cornertone Day Narrative

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After living for 15 years, I’ve accumulated many achievements. Sadly, I only have time to reveal and elaborate on one of them. This takes place at the Sota Track Field during the summer of 2012. It was during a time when I thought myself above average in every aspect of life of an 11 year old. As you will see, I was wrong.
I was sitting in the stands waiting for the next event of the 2012 Cornerstone Day Camp Olympics. There was a frequent and growing chatter in the air. I heard one of my counselors yell something out, but it was too noisy that I couldn’t hear what was being said. The stands muted immediately. In that booming voice, she yelled again. “Who wants to run the 400 meter run? There are medals!” A draft of cool air blew across the stands and it pulled me to my …show more content…

Suddenly, with no warning, two runners of the grade below me pulled ahead. I couldn’t believe it! They were a year younger than me, yet they were faster. However, I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch up even at my best. As I neared the 100 meter line, I started to convert into a jogging pace and got my bearings. I allowed myself to breathe again and relax but still trying to run my best. I was in 3rd place with the two kids in front of me about 50 meters away. I cleared my mind and just concentrated on breathing; taking a deep breath in through my nose, and letting it all out of my mouth. I was starting to feel the fatigue in my muscles and my legs are crying for rest, but I refused. I started hearing heavy breathing noises and loud footsteps behind me, steadily catching up. I risked a peek to my left and was horrified and yet surprised that my chubby classmate was right on my heels. I was not going to be beaten again and into 4th place. I pushed myself harder and pumped my legs and arms with renewed energy. All my blood rushed to my head and I felt like a locomotive cutting through the cold air. As we ran around the bend, we were head to head and trying to outdo each other. He

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