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Executive Summary 3
1. Introduction 4 1.1 Overview of Harvey Norman Holding Limited 4 1.2 Major Competitor 5 1.2.1 JB Hi-Fi 5 1.2.2 Woolworth 5
2. Capital Structures 6 2.1 Types of Funding 6 2.2 Recent Trends of Leverage 7 2.3 Comparison of capital structure with similar companies 9 2.4 Capital expenditures and its financing 10 2.5 Important factors influencing the use of debt financing 10 2.5.1 Tax Advantage 10 2.5.2 Corporate Tax Rate 11 2.5.3 Credit rating 11 2.5.4 Interest rate 11 2.5.5 Company’s Industry 12 2.5.6 Company’s growth rate 12 2.5.7 Some other arguments about Harvey Norman 12 2.6 Evidence of financial
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HVN appropriate share price is $4.23 which is $0.12 higher than the actual closing price of $4.11. It is recommended for the investor to purchase more of the company’s share as it was undervalued. The sensitivity analysis shows the theoretical share price is very sensitive to change in WACC. Careful and continuous observation might be needed to constantly monitor the factors that can alter the WACC such as market return, the company’s beta, risk free rate, and tax rate. D/E ratio can also alter the WACC due to tax benefit on debt. This implies we should keep checking changes of the company’s capital structure, namely its financing decisions and activities because they are important factors to create value of the company.

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview of Harvey Norman Holding Limited

Harvey Norman Holdings Ltd is a public company whose principal activities consist of an integrated franchising, retail, and property entity. As a franchisor it give franchises to independent business operator and as business owners HVN provide retail product for home and office with different range of categories such as electrical, computers and communications, small appliances, furniture, bedding and Manchester, home improvements, lighting, carpet, and flooring. HVN started it business since October 1982 with only one store. For the past 26 years they are experiencing massive growth. As at 7 Oct 2008, there were 192 franchised complexes around
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