Corporate Governance Of The Uk And The Us

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Introduction (The Telegraph, 2015) This quotation was made by Sir Adrian Cadbury, who is recognized for his report on corporate governance in the year 1992 (Adeney, 2015). In the past decades several events, such as company failures and frauds had shown the importance of corporate governance in countries like the UK and the US. Different scandals including Maxwell, Polly Peck and Enron led to different approaches in corporate governance within these countries (Monks; Minow, 2004 p. 1). In contrary for country X, this topic wasn’t that significant. This was a result of the lower economy compared with UK and US. As from now, with the growing economy and the wish to access to capital markets, it’s important to establish some approaches of Corporate Governance. This information document gives an overview and analysis of the approaches from Corporate Governance currently used in the UK and the US as well as a discussion of events and situations that influenced the development of the Corporate Governance code. This document provides a critical appraisal of the values of corporate governance in practice. Definition and history of Corporate Governance Corporate Governance can be defined as a Regarding to the OECD, corporate governance tries to balance the interests of companies’ stakeholders, as well as supporting the access to capital for long term investment (OECD, 2015). There is no significant point of time Corporate Governance started. The need of Corporate
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