Corporate Social Responsibility has Risen to Prominence Essay

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What is CSR and why has it risen to prominence in the past decade?
There are now several concepts of CSR and its definition, along with the meaning across corporations. In my opinion, and according with our textbook in page 11. CSR is about a particular set of business and strategies that deal with social issues. In addition, we can clearly perceive that CSRs application along corporations has increase in the past decade due to the several local, and international regulations in order to enforce business to act responsible.

2. What are the six main characteristics of CSR? How do definitions of CSR vary around the core characteristics?
The six main characteristics of CSR are:
Managing externalities
Multiple stakeholders …show more content…

Also, these companies have applied plans to respond against needs along the territories their operate for example, assistance under natural disasters. In the past, Nike, Samsung and Coca-Cola, had experimented several critics, law-suits and international complaints in regards their way of operations and their lack of conscious under the concepts of CSR.

In the other hand, Uncharted Play, is a company 100% dedicated to operate under the guide of their mission and vision where CSR is their main focus and only way to do business.

4. “CSR is only relevant for large private sector companies.” Critically discuss providing examples from SMEs, the public and civil sectors.
There are several factors that determine that at the moment CSR is primarily relevant to large private sectors, according with our textbook, First, SMEs are informal in nature and this reason lack the need for bureaucratic systems and its structures due to the advantages of small size businesses. Second, large corporations, are often under the loop of the society and their actions are visible and vulnerable to criticism. And third, usually the small business are manger by the owner and for this reason, there is not obligation or direct pressure to serve the shareholders to maximize or return their investment at any cost.
5. Can our

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