Our Ability To Respond Analysis

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In the article “Our Ability to Respond,” the author is critical of many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. He/she states that even though specific projects show some improvement at the micro level, CSR has failed at the macro level proved by almost every indicators that relate to social, environmental and ethical health of our society. That is to say, CSR does not effectively assist us to get our communities and ecosystem better; instead, global challenges that we are confronted with are getting worse.
The author backs up his/her argument by providing evidences from four different aspects – global footprint, global weather, global village, and global dishonesty. Firstly, the author indicates that the environmental impacts are …show more content…

Based on my interpretation of CSR, I see it as a voluntary obligation that companies have promised to their stakeholders to fulfill by improving, or at least not harm, the environmental and social wellbeing. When companies engage in CSR, they voluntarily promise to, for example, carry the responsibility to protect the environment and take actions against bribe or other corruptive activities related to their business. It certainly has some positive influences to specific areas based on my knowledge gained from other classes; nevertheless, when judge CSR in the context of total impacts on our society and environment, it is obvious that CSR has failed its mission to lessen the negative impacts of business based on the evidences that provided by the author. Also, since there is a strong positive relationship between CSR behaviors and consumers’ reactions to a firm’s products and services, it seems to me, now, that CSR for the most companies is just a fancy cover that helps them to create or promote a good image and reputation. The recent case that shows the failure of CSR of Volkswagen even make me believe that CSR programs may be just a marketing or public relation exercise for many …show more content…

First, because the coach has always kept a strict standard that any violation of any team rule will result in a suspension for the next game, he/she should follow whatever the standard is. If not suspend those players who broke the rule, it will set a precedent for later team rule violations. It may become an excuse for breaking rules. Second, the members of the sport team, not only those who violate the rule, will learn from this experience about how serious a violation of rule is if they forfeit the game eventually. Third, if the coach suspend those members, it will improve the coach’s public reputation of being honest and impartial, because he/she follows the rule instead of covering up for the players and let them play the

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