Correlation Between Self Esteem And Healthy Individuals

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Studies relating to CNM relationships have not yet begun to explore the individual’s self-esteem. As has already been discussed, the research relating to CNM relationships has provided a plethora of information supporting healthy relationships and healthy individuals. The next step is to explore the self-esteem of these CNM individuals. Therefore, the purpose of this research proposal is to explore correlations between self-esteem scores on the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (Rosenberg, 1989) with relationship choice, including polyamory, swinging, BDSM and open relationships. The researcher believes that based on the evidence presented of individuals who engage in CNM having many of the same traits as those with higher scores on self-esteem scales that the individuals who engage in CNM will also score high on a self-esteem scale. (For this proposal non-consensual non-monogamous relationships will be considered monogamous as it is assumed that at least one party of the couple identifies as being in a monogamous relationship.) Specifically, the researcher believes that individuals involved in consensually non-monogamous relationships will have self-esteem scores similar to the general population (See Figure 1). In fact, the researcher believes that the scores will be scores associated with having high self-esteem across all types of consensual non-monogamies (See Figure 2). Method Participants Sample participants would be obtained by attending local lifestyle or

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