Correlation as a Measure of Association Summary

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Correlation as a measure of association summary

January 24 2016

Correlation as a measure of association summary


In this essay I will describe correlation is a measure of association as well as describe different methods of establishing a correlation between variables. In this essay I will also explain advantages and disadvantages of each method, were each must be applied, and provide particular circumstances and examples in which a researcher may want to establish correlation
Describe correlations as measured of association
"A correlation is a statistical to determine the tendency or pattern for two (or more) variables or two sets of data to very consistently" (Creswell, (2012). any …show more content…

In situations where every/or nearly/case has its own unique rink, and there are no or a few ties, the data are said to be fully ordered" (Monette, Sullivan & DeJong, (2011).The interval data " the most used measured of association for interval data is the correction or Pearson’s r. The correlation coefficient is mathematically related to both phi and Spearman's rho, making comparisons among them possible" (Monette, Sullivan & DeJong, (2011).
"There are several different kinds of relationships between variables. Before drawing a conclusion, you should first understand how one variable changes with the other. This means you need to establish how the variables are related - is the relationship linear or quadratic or inverse or logarithmic or something else" ("Relationship Between Variables ", n.d) advantages and disadvantages for correlational research methods
"Correlation is a measure of association that tests whether a relationship exists between two variables. It indicates both the strength of the association and its direction (direct or inverse). The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, written as r, can describe a linear relationship between two variables" Correlation (n.d). As a human service professional and completing research there are advantages and disadvantages to correlational research methods, such as using correlational research it allows us to collect data and determine the strength and direction of what it is we

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