Correlation Between Iq And The Grade Point Average Of Students

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Essay 2
Research shows that there is a correlation that shows the relationshop between the IQ and the grade point average of students. It was found that the correlation is strong at a .75 because it’s a direct relationship. For instance when someone has a higher IQ they are more likely going to have a higher GPA. However although the correlation shows a higher IQ means higher GPA does not mean that is the only reason the GPA is rising, it could be because they hired a tutor, have been studying more or are maybe just in more interesting classes. In correlation studies they show that there is a relationship between two different variables however it is not evidence or proof in any way. The reason it isn’t proof is because it has not been proven that they are directly the reason for the relationship however that they do have common results. Some of the reasons correlation cannot prove anything is because of the limitations; these would be the lack of information about the correlation, sample size or the standard deviation. In our text it states “If the word correlation is broken down co-relation it is expresses what is meant: The characteristics are related and the evidence for the relationship is that they vary together, or co-vary. As the level of one variable changes, the other changes in concert, this happens because both variables contain some of the same information. The higher the correlation the more they may have in common” (Tanner,2011). When looking at the
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