Essay about Corruption in The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in 1896 and died in 1940. After dismissed from the army in 1917, he returned to Princeton and finished his first novel This Side of Paradise, which made him wealthy overnight. He then married Zelda, a beautiful but expensive girl. During his time (which he named Jazz Age), the whole American society was immersed in the post-war deteriorations and economic booming. The so-called lost generation forfeited their believes on American dream and solely aimed to pursue material and sensual pleasures. Fitzgerald himself also fully engaged in such main stream of "the roaring twenties". He and his wife indulged in alcohol, dancing, and jazz music in the upper class parties. While gradually he realized that all …show more content…

The real purpose for Gatsby to do so was to attract his past lover Daisy and win back her love. Five year ago, Gatsby met and fell in love with her during his service in the army. However, Daisy was tired of waiting for Gatsby who was poor and engaged in the WWI and finally married to Tom Buchanan, who was quite wealthy and influential. But the material and physical satisfactions didn’t fulfill Daisy’s empty and hollow spirit. With the help of Nick, Gatsby and Daisy had a reunion in Nick’ house and their love seemed to revive. While soon Gatsby found that Daisy was no longer the pure and innocent girl he dreamed in the past, but a beautiful, silly, selfish and vulgar creature. Gatsby still struggled to repeat the past and hoped Daisy would change her mind and live with him forever, which led to a more pathetic tragedy to him. Afterwards the drunken Daisy, who drove in Gatsby’s car, killed Tom’s mistress Myrtle accidentally. But she made a conspiracy with Tom and cruelly through the guilty on Gatsby. Consequently, George Wilson, the husband of Myrtle rushed to Gatsby’s house abruptly and shot him to death and then committed suicide. Gatsby was eventually made the scapegoat for the cruel and selfish Daisy and her husband. Nick tried hard but few people attended Gatsby’s funeral, which was a big contrast to his luxury party with hundreds of guests. After the event, Nick decided to go back to the Midwest and keep distance from the roaring, cold and hypocrisy city

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