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“[hesitantly] This is an unusual position for me…I directed some plays at university…and, well…this is my first year out.” P7

“In a way you’re sort of testing yourself by coming here?” (Julie to Lewis p32)

“Make a decision Lewis between going to the moratorium meeting or staying here.”

“I’m not going to let them down.” P70

Love is not so important nowadays.” P10
“Without love the world wouldn’t mean much.” P70

“Working with these people has changed you.” (Lucy to Lewis)

“He loves the theatre apparently. A great enthusiast when he gets going. He has his down periods like a lot of people, but he’s your support, your natural energiser.” Justin to Lewis about Roy P3

“Without this opera having …show more content…

If I could put up with reality I wouldn’t be in here.” P62

“A lower dosage. It’s amazing how much more bright the world seems.” P62

“ I’m not going to sing a song that’s not word perfect. You don’t want me to make a fool of myself, do you?” p13

“I can live with illusion as long as I know it’s illusion.” P26

“Comedy is better when it’s real.” P61

“I hate goodbyes. So when the others come out, tell them I’m waiting outside

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