Cosimo De Medici

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The fifteenth century gave rose to the early Renaissance. Florence, which is the capital of the Tuscan region, was the most prominent during this time. Before the Renaissance, thinkers such as Aristotle and other Christian philosophers impacted most of the ideas and ways of life in Florence. However during the 15th century, new thinkers started to emerge and fell under the influence of a richer class of ancient authors than had ever been seen in the Middle Ages. One man in particular named Cosimo de Medici became famous for his contribution to Florentine art and culture by taking political and economic risks, becoming a patron of the arts, and being named Pater patriae of Florence. Cosimo de Medici came from the Medici family who ruled …show more content…

For the past 100 years and into the reign of the Medici’s, the city of Florence had become a city of ruins and continued to go further into turmoil. The center of the city was often transfixed by humiliation for the failure of their city’s broken cathedral. The city’s cathedral was a center of their identity during that time, and having it broken was a major failure for Florence. Cosimo was determined to rebuild this cathedral. He turned to Brunelleschi who was considered the genius of his time. He often had many ideas that were difficult to understand with a style that was unorthodox and gained very few friends as stated in the video …show more content…

Under Cosimo, Brunelleschi also built the Pazzi Chapel. Brunelleschi’s “theories were shared by Florence’s humanist elite, who found religious significance in mathematical harmony. Both they and Brunelleschi believed that a well-ordered building such as the Pazzi Chapel mirrors God’s plan of the universe (Matthews and Platt, 308).” Cosimo had created council that brought together the greatest thinkers, artists and churchmen. The news of the new Rome had spread quickly and many people came from distant lands to see it. Cosimo set up lectures of Plato and other well-known thinkers and displayed the new artwork and sculptures throughout the dome. He was considered a patron of the arts as he had encouraged and bought artwork from many artists to display in his cathedral and chapel. As stated in “The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance” Cosimo became the most sought after Patron in Florence. Patronage is a political strategy but is considered very irrational from an economic point of view. Artists however needed patrons because only patrons would buy their art. Cosimo had gathered an immense amount of art during his reign. “He spent his money on books, paintings, sculptures and palaces, and, claiming to be the common man’s friend, he was eventually awarded the title Pater patriae, Father of His Country- a Roman title revived during the Renaissance” (Matthews and Platt,

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