Cosmology Cumalative Paper

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Cosmology Cumulative Paper In order to understand our place in the universe, we must understand the universe itself. Scientists, researchers, astronomers, cosmologists, physicists, amateur astronomers and a slew of other groups of individuals largely interested in the cosmos, help with discovering new and fascinating theories or proof of different phenomenon within the universe. Three scientific articles help readers to realize scientists are constantly deep in work to unravel the hidden truths. “Dark Matter in the Discovery Age”, “Why the Universe Had no Beginning”, and “What String Theory tells Us About the Universe” include theories vastly different from one another, but lead to the same conclusion; the universe’s creation. The …show more content…

Physicists choose the underground for its shielded affect, and because WIMPs have a special quality; they cannot be absorbed or reflected unlike other matters. When the WIMP hits the detector underground, the particle’s energy transfers to this detector and physicists will notice a small “thermal or light signal”(Hooper, 28). XENON-100 is an example of this experiment. This piece of equipment contains cold liquid xenon, a heavy gas present in the Earth’s atmosphere. Underground WIMP detectors are a very viable and useful equipment, and the sensitivity of these detectors have been increasing “every 15 months” (Hooper, 28). The Large Hadron Collider, LHC for short, is also used to observe potential WIMP occurence. The LHC has its home underground, built as a 17 mile ring. It is a massive circular particle accelerator, as it contains high-energy protons colliding with one another at near the speed of light. This is done to understand how the Big Bang came to be, and what was after the universe’s explosion. Because of this recreation, it is thought WIMPs are being produced in the LHC as well. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of the proton collisions result in WIMPs, and the particles are still invisible, so they cannot be directly observed. However, as physicists continue to improve the LHC, the Large Hadron Collider might just be the best equipment to observe WIMPs in the future, and to

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