Couglin: A Short Story

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Thank you for helping me with this.

Just a little background.

My mother Jacqueline Y Castro had two children ( Antoinette & James) previous to meeting my father Eugene "Marvin" Oats back in earlier 60's. Antoinette was adopted by her fathers mother since my mother was young. Jame was raised primarily by my grandmother, and called our mother "Sister", as did her other siblings.

My mother and father always told the story of meeting my mother through her cousin. The feel in love and wanted 2 children. My dad would say "the hospital bill wasn't paid for one before the other came along, and up jumped Tammy" my father would always say while smiling. He also said that he had insurance from his job, but they said they would pay the bill only if they were married. So when my mother went to the hospital to have me, she went using the name Jacqueline Oats so his insurance would pay for it. But they were never married. That the only reason that I have the last name Oats, in oppose to Castro.

My sister is resentful and hateful toward me and has always claimed that my mother left a note saying specifically "Tammy gets nothing". Several people has verbally co signed that this letter exist, but no one as seen it. I tried not to worry about it because I thought it to be of small monetary value and material assets. And the fact I promised …show more content…

Patricia knew I was distraught over my mothers death, experiencing a divorce,job issues when my mother died. I had lost my job before, and my mother was very firm and clear that she didn't want me to lose another job because of her illness. Patricia took advantage of the situation, used her street savvy and drug abusing schemes to leave me out of my mother settlement that I initiated my mother to seek in

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