Counselling Session Paper

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Recording One Recording for the first time with one of my own clients was a worrying, but valuable, assignment. For me, it was beneficial hearing myself during a session because I was able to recognize areas of the session in which I conveyed comfort and areas where I was hesitant. This type of self evaluation aids in my development as a counselor. Overall, there were a number of techniques and interventions that went well, and some that need improvement. In particular, there were certain interventions that I was happy with. Throughout the session I believe I conveyed empathy and was actively listening to the client. I was paying attention to her and, especially at emotional stories, I was empathetic to her feelings. I was also happy with how the negative thoughts activity went during the session. First, asking …show more content…

Particularly, I did not summarize enough. Upon listening to the recording, I feel that summarizing would have been beneficial at times, including after we completed the activity, when she spoke of her fight with her boyfriend, and after she explained her first panic attack. Further, I should have reflected meaning and feeling at various times throughout the session. Another problem I found throughout the session, was that I was not very clear or concise with my language. When I was explaining automatic thoughts I could tell the client was a bit confused and I was not direct with my statements. Also, some of the rewording of the client’s thoughts were not concise and it took some time to work through what I was thinking. I also used terms such as “automatic thoughts” and other technical terms that the client may not have understood. I also asked a few closed ended questions that would have been better used if I phrased them in an open way. Listening back to this session, emphasized my need to improve the language I use with clients so that is it exact and

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