Counselling Assignment 5

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Professional Frameworks in Counselling.
Difference and Diversity Assignment.
Assignment 5.
Unit 2. Counselling in a Diverse Society.
Learning Outcome One.
1.1. Using examples, evaluate the relevance of the following in the counselling process:- stereotyping, language issues, different belief systems, family structures, family life experiences.
Stereotyping is a natural human activity that counsellors and therapists also do. The value of a stereotype is that it can provide a useful shorthand for both counsellor and client, so they do not have to rewrite getting to know a person from scratch. It is a vital function of our memory systems.
It also helps people to connect and relate with each other.
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Many Scottish people have over the centuries been themselves victim of stereotyping and prejudice by the English neighbours. Discrimination. This is why they are unhappy about it. But to be on the receiving end of something that is historical and for which I have no responsibility for his painful and irksome and makes me feel somehow invisible and unvalued as a person with individuality and a contribution to make to the present moment.
Also, if the client is presenting them selves and talking about themselves as a stereotype, almost as a cliche of themselves, it would be helpful to look at this in terms of symbiotic identification and individuation processes. A client who says… “I am like my dad, I like my beer, I like my dinner on the table at 6 o’clock, I like my women in short skirts and I support Aston Villa”. Asking open questions that guide the client to an appreciation of the implicit exchange in his relationships might well be a challenge to somebody who has such a stereotypical view of himself.
And to take another example, I would personally hold the news of a client revealing that she is pregnant to be positive. If a client, for instance, were to reveal that to me, and I were to automatically assume that this is good news for the client, I might miss attuning to her real feelings about being pregnant. Being interested in her direct experience would be more helpful. So a question like… “I could
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