Counterfeit Products Of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

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The trade of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is a lucrative business with low start up costs. It is growing very fast and has become a worldwide issue. According to the BMI Healthcare Report 2015, in 2013 alone 3.6 million units of counterfeit medicines were seized. They were valued at COP 2,200 million which is approximately $ 921 million. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals continue to represent up to 40% of the total pharmaceutical market in Colombia and police and customs agencies have spent billions of COP trying to resolve this problem. clearly the trade of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is rapidly increasing, but is the cause the lack of legislation or is it the enforcement.
This research seeks to analyze the causes of the rapid growth in the counterfeit pharmaceutical industry by analyzing the existence of sufficient legislation and the factors that hinder its enforcement particularly focusing on the complexity of the supply chain and the adaptation of anti counterfeit technology in Colombia. II. OVERVIEW OVER BACKGROUND AND EFFECTS OF COUNTERFEIT DRUGS.
Counterfeit Medicines were acknowledged as a problem in the 1980s, when forgers started to copy lifestyle drugs to fight obesity and baldness (Lomb, 2014). The Counterfeiting process of market prescription drugs like antibiotics, vaccines, birth control as well as hypertension and diabetes medication started later, where antibiotics and steroids represented the bigger portion of the forgers market (See

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