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Counting by 7s Reading Record Title: Counting by 7s Author: Holly Goldberg Sloan Genre: Realistic Fiction Setting: The setting is Bakersfield, California in present time. Some of the settings within Bakersfield are the Gardens of Glenwood apartment complex, Sequoia Middle School, Jamison, Happy Polish Nails, and the Bakersfield Courthouse. The settings are significant because many important events in the story take place at various locations. For example, at the courthouse, it is revealed that Pattie Nguyen is Willow’s new guardian after the death of Willow’s parents. Also, Sequoia Middle School is where Willow meets Mai, Pattie’s daughter and one of Willow’s best friends. Point of View: For the most part, the point of view is altered for each chapter. However, the book is mostly in Willow Chance’s point of view. Since the point of view alters, different character’s insights are revealed and the reader can have a better understanding of how people feel about the conflicts and other events in the novel. Atmosphere: At the beginning, the mood is depressing since Willow’s second set of parents die in a car crash. She has already been through so much in life, so the readers have empathy for her. Then, the mood is ecstatic since things start going the way Willow wants them to, and she becomes a part of the Nguyen family. Tone: The tone is detached when Willow is depressed because of the tragic loss in her family. Also, Willow has no place to live because she has no relatives.

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