Country Music Problems

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During the 1920’s, people have argued this to be known as the “Roaring 20’s” because of all the new trends that were created in different areas of culture. One of the biggest reasons for this were the birth of new music genres such as “Country”. People do love country music because of the meanings behind every lyric of each song, but in reality country music has brought more problems than happiness to society. Some of the reasons why country music has brought a lot of issues to society are due to its horrible sound, the nonsense from the lyrics, and the use of weird instruments such as an autoharp and a banjo. As a result of this combination, the percentage of suicide from all ages has increased ever since country music was introduced. Suicide ratings have been scaring scientists all over the world, they believe that people who listen to country music go through 5 different stages that will lead them to their death. This is the biggest problem that country music has caused throughout the course of its history. Not only has it scared the population of big nations, but it has also scarred scientists because they have estimated that humanity could become extinct in the next 30 years. Ever since country music was introduced to society, the percentage of suicide has increased every year by 3% worldwide. In countries such as Germany, Honduras, Uzbekistan and a few others have banned country music because it has drastically decreased their population by 25%. According to New

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