Country Music and Eric Church

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Country music is a genre that some might absolutely love and some might absolutely hate. It is a style of music that developed in the southern and western U.S. and often contains lyrics relating to the lives of people who live in the country. While there are a lot of different types of country music, a very popular country artist of this time is Eric Church. Church brings a bit of a twist to country music, with really telling us how he feels. Talking about one of his songs in particular, “homeboy” about a lost young man needing to “come on home, boy.” Eric Church is a good ole' country boy from Granite Falls, North Carolina. At thirteen is when Church started writing songs and playing guitar. His passion for music grew later in life and he moved to Nashville, where he was signed with Sony Tree Records. His last album Chief won Album of the Year from both the CMA and ACM in the last awards cycle, as it probably should have compared to its competition. Eric Church will never win the popularity contests like “Entertainer” or “Male Vocalist” categories because he has made more enemies than friends in the industry and beyond. But his music’s unpredictability is the magic quotient that can’t be denied, and continues to win him loyal fans. Church’s song “Homeboy” takes the form of a pep talk by a satisfied rural farmer to a prodigal son wandering astray through urban culture. Church thinks that he’d be better off drinking a beer, baling hay, and hanging out with his high school

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