Country Notebook for South Korea

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Country Notebook for South Korea James Jones Dallas Baptist University Table of Contents Executive Summary 5 Culture Analysis 7 Introduction 7 Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history 7 Geography setting 8 Area Comparative: 9 Land boundaries: 9 Coastline: 9 Climate: 9 Elevation Extremes: 9 Natural Resources: 9 Natural Hazards: 9 Social Institutions 9 Family: 9 Education 10 Literacy Rates 11 Political System 11 Legal System 12 Six Basic Codes and Other Laws 13 Social Organizations 14 Religion 16 Living Conditions 19 Diet and Nutrition 19 Housing 20 Clothing 21 Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities 21 Economic Analysis 23 Introduction 23 Economic …show more content…

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